MENA Tabadol Sharing Economy Platform

منصة الاقتصاد التشاركي لمؤسسات المجتمع المدني

معا من أجل بناء شبكة اقتصاد تشاركي مبني على المعرفة والقيمة


Create & Share value!

Sharing economy provides an alternative method to distributing goods and services deviating from the traditional model, where you or your organization can hire talents, or sell products/services or find opportunities to offer your skill or even space you own. In the sharing economy, you can rent or share office spaces and equipment, and provide personal time and expertise to other individuals in a peer-to-peer fashion for the exchangeable benefit or through I4C coin.


Connect with others.

Exchanging services and expertise across civil society. The Sharing Economy platform creates an inclusive and supportive space composed of CSOs, social startups, and talents from the MENA region and encourages the exchange of services and knowledge among them, strengthening their capacities and encouraging dynamic fundraising that enables civic activism across the MENA region.


Exchange value, and knowledge.

From hiring talents to resource acquisition, sharing physical and virtual spaces around the region, MENA Tabadol provides a wholesome sourcing bank in a Human and Value-Creation-driven community to benefit CSOs, startups, and talents with different pro-bono and exchangeable expertise and other resources in a safe environment using safe digital methods.